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Ranked among the top 20 in the nation by the prestigious National Research Council, the Graduate Studies Program in the Department of Physics is the perfect next step in your academic career. We offer a top-notch education and unbeatable research opportunities for our graduate students, all on a beautiful and robust campus that supports and enhances academic, career and personal advancement.

Interested students should visit the Prospective Students page for more information on how to apply.

About the Program

The graduate studies program of the Department of Physics is oriented primarily toward the Ph.D degree in Physics. To a large extent, the Master's degree requirements are merely a brief version of those for the Ph.D. Therefore, the Department is able to offer the Master's Degree to students who for various reasons are unable to complete their Ph.D. program as they initially intended, or who wish to obtain a Master's degree after they have completed their Ph.D. comprehensive exam. The Master's Degree may be earned under either Plan I (with Thesis) or Plan II (without thesis) as outlined in section XXI of the Department's Rules for Graduate Students. In addition to a Ph.D. in Physics, the department participates in the Chemical Physics Ph.D. Program as well as the Geophysics Ph.D. Program.

Photo Caption:CU researchers stand in front of a "magnetic horn" they constructed on campus. From left: CU Physics major Eric Hansen; postdoctoral research scientist Martin Tzanov; technician Eric Erdos; and Physics professor Eric D. Zimmerman. This device is used to focus subatomic particles to produce a neutrino beam as part of the T2K experiment in Japan. (Photo by Glenn J. Asakawa/University of Colorado)