Finkelstein, Noah

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DUAN F1021
Physics Education Research - Experimental/Theoretical

Research Interests:

Noah is a physics education researcher who studies the role of context in student learning, and conditions that support or inhibit student learning in physics.

Noah conducts research is in physics education, and particularly the role of context in student learning. He is one of the directors of the Physics Education Research group at Colorado, as well as director of Colorado's Integrating STEM Education program, which supports a variety of programs in STEM Education research and reform at Colorado. Noah studies conditions that support students’ interests and abilities in physics, with research projects that range from the specific (how do students use representations or analogies in learning physics?), to the course-scale (the role of computer simulations in learning, or implementation of Tutorials), to the departmental / institutional scale (what models of educational reform are sustainable and scalable? How can universities effectively partner with communities in Informal Science Education.). His theoretical work seeks to build models of learning that emphasize the critical and inextricable role of context in student learning of physics.

Selected Publications:

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