Regal, Cindy

Assistant Professor
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A&S Mentor (Student's Last Name: Q-T)
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Atomic, Molecular and Optical; Condensed Matter - Experimental
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Research Interests:

My main research interest is engineering and exploring isolated quantum systems for quantum information and quantum optics. In particular I focus on manipulating single and few neutral atoms and the quest to control single phonons in mesoscopic mechanical oscillators. This experimental work relies upon low-loss optical interfaces and laser cooling and trapping techniques.


Selected Publications:

  1. D. J. Wilson, C. A. Regal, S. B. Papp, and H. J. Kimble, Cavity optomechanics with stoichio-metric SiN membranes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 207204 (2009).
  2. C. A. Regal, J. D. Teufel, and K. W. Lehnert, Measuring nanomechanical motion with a mi-crowave cavity interferometer, Nature Physics 4, 555 (2008).
  3. C. A. Regal, M. Greiner, and D. S. Jin, Observation of resonance condensation of fermionic atom pairs, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 040403 (2004).
  4. C. A. Regal, C. Ticknor, J. L. Bohn, and D. S. Jin, Creation of ultracold molecules from a Fermi gas of atoms, Nature 424, 47 (2003).