Undergraduate Study - Overview

Undergraduate students have an opportunity to pursue a degree in Physics through the College of Arts and Sciences or through the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Degrees in Astrophysics and Geophysics are coordinated between the Physics Department, the Geology Department and the Astronomy and Planetary Sciences (APS) Department within the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Department of Physics offers several degree plans to prospective students, including an academic program specifically designed to prepare a student for graduate school, as well as a degree track to prepare a student for a career in teaching physics. Students are encouraged to fully explore the benefits of each degree track by speaking with a Faculty Mentor.

Declaring a Physics Major or an Engineering Physics Major

Students who are interested in declaring a Physics major within the College of Arts and Sciences should contact Martin Black. Students from the College of Engineering are advised to contact Heather Lewandowski.

A minor in Physics is also available for students wishing to major in another subject.

For more information on course requirements for the Physics Department, please visit the Program Requirements page.